MAKE-ROOM at Rainbow Works

I’m excited to have been asked to exhibit some work by MAKE-ROOM a Tottenham based, not-for-profit arts organisation. MAKE-ROOM “support creativity in Tottenham through an experimental platform for the production and exhibition of contemporary art by local, national and international artists” and “provide opportunities for young people to engage with professional artists and designers through our connections to schools, colleges and youth groups.”

They have asked seven artists (including me) to exhibit work that responds to a particular place/behaviour in a place. It looks like I will finally find a space to do something with my chicken shop photos.  They have found a great space for the exhibition, Rainbow Works – really close to my studios in Tottenham. It’s part of the industrial area near Markfield Park. It feels like Hackney Wick or Deptford might have once, but so far, in terms of art spaces, there’s only Euroart and MAKE-ROOM.

Here’s some images of the exhibition space:

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The exhibition is called MAKE-ROOM at Rainbow Works and opens on the 22nd November. They will be running workshops throughout the exhibition. Architecture and Construction students from CoHENEL will produce furniture and structures for use in the exhibition and crits. There will be drawing workshops for adult artists from the Markfield Project as well as an opportunity for Architecture students from Oxford Brookes to discuss their Broadwater Farm project. There are pre-arranged visits from Broadwater Farm residents, the curator and archivists from Bruce Castle museum and Fine Art students from CoHENEL. MAKE-ROOM have also invited the exhibiting artists to get involved; hold an event, talk or workshop. With the demise of arts education provision in Tottenham it seems that this is an organisation that is very much needed in the local area.

I like the fact that MAKE-ROOM don’t have a permanent home and can set up shop anywhere. They’re a nomadic organisation that can respond and evolve to situations and opportunities as they emerge.


About sophiebbarr

I am an artist and a teacher in higher education. For me art is a re-organisation of stuff that's already in the world.
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