New Prints based on Graffiti I have Actually Seen

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An old colleague called Lee Dadpour showed me a massive piece of graffiti that said “Hello I’ve got Big Ears” in Haggerston circa 2000. I’ve put it over this postcard of a bull fight.  The graffiti was so weird and random that this, and these other combinations seem to make sense. I like this text that is incongrous with its environment. I also like these words translated from the urban environment to these somewhat idealised, touristy interiors. I don’t usually use text in my work so this is a departure.

In about 1997 Alex Delfanne and I saw a piece of graffiti in a doorway of the High Street in Falmouth which read “your all fuck wicks”. I really liked its directness and sometimes I know how the writer feels. Let down by everyone. Of course I also liked the misuse of “your” and what Adam and Joe call an eggcorn fuck wicks, instead of fuck wits (I can only presume).

“Don’t throw rabish” is currently scrawled on a garage on Lausanne Road, N8. Sadly for the proprietor of said garage, there is some kind of psychogeographical layline that means that passers by cannot stop throwing rabish and do so immediately any rabish has been cleaned up.

About sophiebbarr

I am an artist and a teacher in higher education. For me art is a re-organisation of stuff that's already in the world.
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1 Response to New Prints based on Graffiti I have Actually Seen

  1. Jilly says:

    Love it. My favourite all time graffito was on Goodsway at the back of King’s Cross. In small, neat white caps it read ‘KEN DODD’S DAD’S DOG’S DEAD’.

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