Recent Work

I am procrastinating over the design of my website meanwhile paying my hosting company for just one home page with a couple of links. What a waste!

In the absence of the aforementioned web site I wanted to at least post some images of recent work, particularly in the light of a forthcoming exhibition of a group of five artists (Alice Rolfe, Lisa Muten and Griffits and Blackburn and me). The working title is “Future Useless” so I wanted to publish some of my recent images and think about our title and how it might all come together. Below I have posted some digital versions of manipulated images/collages. I have made quite a series of these images now, I will post some more in another blog entry and show how I used these images, not just as giclée prints, (of which I sold quite a few, hoorah) but as parts of installations, projected, back-lit, juxtaposed and framed. I imagine I will use some of these and some of the previous images in some incarnation for our upcoming exhibition. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.

Glinda, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

Here’s another image. This time playing around with default shapes and filters. I really can’t enjoy this image, but that’s why it works. It’s defiantly (not a typo) rubbish. Gulch, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

Globule, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

Bergs, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

I want to make some “bergs”, large square ones, painted various versions of glossy grey to install with these images.

Toob, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

This is very poor, but not quite in the same way as Gulch. I think Gulch has more intention to it.

Longing for Modernism, 2010, digitally manipulated image, any dimension

Perhaps this title is a little too obvious. I am interested in the bringing together of these types of images and these types of marks. The original postcards are probably turn of last century, at which time the avant garde is emerging. I love the fact that there is nothing avant garde about Photoshop in itself. I love to expose its weaknesses which could also be its “truth to materials”.  I suppose these images might appear either to critique or celebrate the failure of the avant garde. Hopefully not in an ironic way. Perhaps there is only the possibility for kitsch in our current culture? In our exhibition group we are exploring notions of nostalgia and the impossibility of a futurism (technological hope?) in a time of economic and political uncertainty. I am hoping that some of my images chime with this theme.

About sophiebbarr

I am an artist and a teacher in higher education. For me art is a re-organisation of stuff that's already in the world.
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